Rated Fit is a fitness apparel brand with the agenda to encourage everyone to have an active and healthy lifestyle no matter what race, age or gender you are. If you feel good, you look good and if you look good, you're more motivated to maintain that. The right gear will improve confidence and performance.
 "How did you come up with the name Rated Fit" is the most asked question.
It stemmed from being a trainer. I (owner of Rated Fit) was asked by a younger family member, in his teens, as well as my mom, whom I'd been trying to encourage to start her journey, on how to get in shape. They both asked around the same time and I thought to myself how these two different generations wanted the same thing- to get in shape, feel good and look good.
Fitness is for everyone. There is no age, gender or sex discrimination. Movies have restrictions, such as Rated-R, Rated PG-13, etc however, fitness does not. Thus, I was inspired and Rated Fit was born.

                                                                                             Rated Fit